Anger management

Our evidence-based group teaches you the skills you need to help maintain that calm composure we all work so hard to attain. This group lasts for 12 weeks and teaches you a ton. This group is great for individuals who:

  1. Have been court-ordered to attend anger management courses.
  2. Have been told by their families or friends that they have an anger issue.
  3. Find themselves breaking things or getting so upset that they want to.
  4. Deal with road rage on a regular basis.
  5. Just want to learn more about how to deal with the anger they feel.

There are lots of reasons to sign up. Few reasons not to.

Game-Based Skills-Building for ASD

Our skills-building groups are tons of fun, and the participants gain a great amount of knowledge and practice in skills such as:

  1. Emotional regulation.
  2. Conversations and how to have them.
  3. Advanced problem-solving.
  4. Executive functioning development.

This treatment is for kids ages 11-17 and lasts 20 weeks. The next group starts: October 1st, 2023.