The 10 Must-Haves for a New Baby

Kids are exciting, terrifying, and absolutely fun, but making that transition into parenthood is stressful enough without having to recreate the wheel. Here's our must-have list of 30 things you'll need to welcome your new baby home and be prepared for the upcoming months, and years, ahead of you. We have recommendations for carriers, strollers, household necessities, pacifiers, and anything else you can imagine. One of our Counselors has used this list personally so it's been vetted. If you haven't already, create a registry or two. Some, like Amazon, will even send you free stuff.

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Every new parent needs these, in abundance. You will be using these things from poopie diapers to spit up to some weird smudge that you don't know where it came from. Buy a big box of these and you'll be on a good start. We recommend buying them before you even bring baby home, but the hospital does many times provide you with some on your way out the door. Our favorite is linked right here.



You may be wondering why this wasn't listed first. Well, first off, this list is not in order of descending need. These are all necessary for survival. Diapers are one of the first things we think about when we think about babies. Partly because we use so many of them while taking care of our little bundles of joy. You'll want a diaper that fits your child well, doesn't chafe, and is sturdy and absorbent. Check out our favorite brand here.



When your little one is inconsolable you'll want one of these to help soothe them. The act of sucking is soothing to a newborn since that is how they learn and interact with their environment for quite some time after birth. Giving them something nipple-shaped can help them relax a little during those times when they aren't supposed to be eating yet or when they get frightened.



Whether you're using formula or pumping so someone can take a feeding shift, you're going to want some bottles. The smaller 4oz sizes are versatile and will last you through much of the breast-milk phase if you get the various sizes of nipples to go with them.


You may not know it yet, but you need one of these. You can use it for so many things, and it will make your life much easier. When you need to keep them safe while you do some laundry, set this thing up in the laundry room. If you need a bassinet for them to sleep in, this comes with one. Naptimes at grandma's? Check!



An adjustable and convertible crib will save you money in the long run. It will adjust heights for your baby's height, and will convert to a "big kid bed" when they need it. Don't forget the sheets (at least 2) and mattress. A mattress protector will save you some cleaning too.


Sound Machine

Sleeping babies are cute babies. Many of our little bundles of joy can be light sleepers or just have difficulty embracing the joyous slumber that we so need them to take. A white noise machine is a good way to replicate the sounds from their home in the womb. Here's our fave (and we have them in the clinic too).


Bottle Sanitizer

Keeping all the baby bottles, parts, and pacifiers sanitized can be quite a task. There are disposable bags that are great, especially when you're travelling, but as much as you may use it, having a hard shell sanitizer can be very helpful like the one below. We also linked the disposable bags in case you're looking for them.


High Chair and Booster

High chairs keep baby contained while eating and can be a great place to keep your little while you're working on dishes, projects, or just need to let your arms rest. You can put a few toys on the tray and let them play to their heart's content. You'll also want a portable booster seat for those trips on the go to friends' houses that don't have kids.


Diaper Bag

A diaper bag that has all the conveniences you need is hard to come by, so take a look at a few and see what they have to offer, what you might have to settle for, and how the price is impacted by those decisions because it can fluctuate significantly. Take a look at a few of our favorites!


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