Get to Know Us

You probably want to know a little about the therapists you will meet at our clinic, and we are happy to share a little about ourselves so you can feel more comfortable.


President/Licensed Professional Counselor

David Routt

David is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Idaho and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). He draws from many different counseling techniques and styles to ensure that whatever the issue, a plan can be made to help. He is the founder of Totius Therapies and even offers online counseling services. He received his Bachelors in Information Technology from Kaplan University and his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwest Nazarene University. David is a certified PCIT Therapist, certified by the UC Davis CAARE Center in 2017. David is also an Academic Associate in Logotherapy, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), and Level 2 trained in the Gottman Method of Therapy.


Counselor Intern

Renee Johanson

Renee is passionate about helping people and she doesn't just say that, she shows it too. In past experience, Renee has found meaning and joy in volunteering with search and rescue, hospice services, and in serving as a volunteer EMT in her community. Taking that passion to help a step further, Renee is now earning her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Northwest Nazarene University. Renee works as a Counselor Intern at Totius Therapies as part of her education for that degree and to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Renee loves helping individuals, couples, and families navigate the challenges they face. She believes that the power of hope and safety, and the warmth of compassion, can change lives. Every person is worthy of compassion and respect.

Renee has training in counseling for grief and trauma, and in providing services via telehealth. She is interested in working with people from all walks of life and approaches counseling from an individualized perspective, tailoring her counseling to meet your needs.